Bloom 2017 Calendar Of Events


3rd- Return to school after break

10th- Parent meeting

16th- Closed in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

27th- Flashlight night


5th- Bloom Big Play Day

6th- Parent Meeting 


6th- Parent Meeting

27-31st- Spring break closure


3rd- Spring family gathering

28th- Closed for Staff Continued education


1st- Parent meeting

19th- Flashlight Night

29th- Memorial Day closure


4th- Bloom Big Play day

5th- Parent meeting


3rd-5th- Independence Day closure

parent meeting break


27th- End of school year 

 celebration/family potluck


4th & 5th- Labor Day weekend closure

11th- Parent meeting


2nd- Parent meeting


6th- family gathering potluck

20-24th- Fall break closure


4th- Parent meeting/party

Dec25th- Jan 5th- Winter Break closure

(school will reopen January 8, 2018)

 January 2018 

8th- Return to school after break

8th- Parent meeting 

15th- Closed in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day


-Parent meetings are at 6:30pm...finger 

foods pot-luck and held here at Bloom (unless specified otherwise)!

-Family gathering details will be specified uniquely for each event!

-Bloom Big Play Days (for alumni and older siblings of Bloom families) are Sunday 

afternoon...details announced specifically for each event

-Flashlight Nights are 6:00-9:00pm and availability is limited...details will be specified for each event