Stephanie Krause - Owner/Provider/Teacher

Stephanie has over 20 years experience working with children.  After completing her Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development and Family Science, with a focus on Early Childhood Education, she went on to teach in several licensed preschool and childcare programs.  During this time, she developed and refined her philosophy of education for young children: to partner with children in their tremendous energy and wonder.   By keeping her own creative energy ahead of the children's, and providing rich and diverse experiences and environments, children begin to naturally desire learning.  She loves the challenge of building a genuine, individual relationship with each child. Stephanie's hope is that the children who experience play Bloom will move on from their time here ready to take on all that the world has to offer them!

Stephanie's belief in the importance of play carries over outside of the preschool hours and into her personal life. Some of her personal favorite forms of play are running, camping, hiking, dabbling in various artistic endeavors, exploring the outdoors, and creatively altering her home and the children's play-space at school.



Lauren Morris - Teacher/Substitute Provider

Lauren has been a presence in our program for over eight years. She began to learn about child development through classes at her high school here in Bend. She first came to Bloom as a student volunteer in January 2009, and we were so pleased to have her stay with us after her high school graduation that same year!

Lauren's committment to strive for what is best for each child drives her to continual growth in understanding each child as an individual. She works daily at supporting the children in their world of exploration and relationship building at Bloom. Her presence in our program has been a wonderfully steady support for children and their families for many years now. 

Skylar Waters- Teacher/Substitute Provider

Skylar joined Bloom as a student volunteer while finishing her degree in Human Development and Family Science in early 2016. While she was well-versed in the cognitive understanding of early child development, she found herself refreshed by the richness of childhood she observed in her time voluneering at Bloom. Fortunately, that led her to feeling inspired to stick around and join us in our mission to serve our children and families here. 

In her committment to continually understand children more fully and strive toward improving in serving them Skylar has found Bloom to be a good fit for her beliefs about children. We are so grateful to have her as a permanent part of our team at Bloom!