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Christmas ornaments

Children from most schools come home in the weeks before Christmas with an "ornament" made at school.  In the past, our school has not done such a thing.  This year, however, one of the school parents communicated a request for one thing...an ornament.  "I don't care what it looks like," she said.  She just wanted something she could hang and call an ornament. And I was presented with a SERIOUS challenge!

The ornaments "made" by those children I referred to above, from most schools, go very much against the philosophy of our school.  Typically, a model is made, and children are given just enough supplies to make their ornament just the same way as the model.  We will not do that.  So I was left trying to figure out what on earth I could put before the children that would be self-explanitory to the children, and would inspire their creativity.

This is what we came up with...


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