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"Just Playing?" Ladders

This post is part of the "Just Playing?" series. 

 Child Central Station

Recently I happened upon a couple of $3 ladders at our local Goodwill store. I have no idea of their previous life, but here at the preschool their life is full!

These ladders are used by the children for a variety of purposes!

In the photos below, two little boys are found discovering the ladders being unused. 

They moved the ladders to their desired location with a purpose in mind.


So we may be "just playing", but...

What are the children doing here?

What do you see?

What learning is taking place?

What skills are being practiced/developed?

Thank you for remembering that young children do not “just play.” Young children play. They develop through play. They learn through play. They experiment through play. They grow through play. A child’s work is play. Play is important!

Please take a moment to reflect upon the photos and questions above. I would love for you to share your observations in a comment. I’d also like to invite you to “hop” on over to all of the other bloggers who are sharing photos of children learning through play this week:

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Reader Comments (3)

What a great deal for those ladders! I love how it looks like they worked together to set the ladders up the way they wanted. This looks like a super fun yard to play in!
What great ladders for little people!!!! Climbing is great gross motor practice. I'm guessing there was a bit of trial and error involved figuring out where and how to place the ladders so that they could reach their desired location! Great pictures of play!!!
April 10, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterayn
Yes Emma and Ayn, we love the ladders and we LOVE playing outside!
It was great to watch the children work to discover the appropriate angle at which to place the ladder so as not to become wobbly when climbing to the top.

Thank you for your comments!
April 10, 2014 | Registered CommenterBloom Preschool

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