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Lunch Ideas!

In our program, we provide snacks comprised of a fruit of vegetable along with a 100% whole wheat bread that we've baked ourselves (e.g. blueberry muffins, cheese bread, biscuits, applesauce bread).  However, we require that parents pack a lunch for their children.  The reasons for this are simple:

-we simply can not afford to feed 16 children as well/healthful as what the parents are able to provide

-we do not want our teachers' energy/attention/time to be spent on preparing the food...we want them to be able to focus on the children

Sometimes I receive comments from parents who feel stuck in a rut with packing lunches.  So, when I ran across the ideas (thanks to pinterest), I simply had to share!

Easy Lunchboxes Photo Gallery

School Lunch Roundup

Another Lunch




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